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Introducing Heatguard

Heatguard is the name of a roof tile coating or paint, containing heat reflective pigments, which reflect the suns heat. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s a far superior roof paint, because it’s made with better ingredients, that make it much better than other coatings.

Heatguard is designed with hardcore homeowners in mind, if you want your roof coating to last the longest. It’s simply the best roof tile coating for your roof. After testing Heatguard ourselves, we believe the benefits out way the difference in cost as outlined in our Pricing page.

While darker colours soak up around 93% of the sun’s heat, which then transfers into the roof cavity and your home.
Independent testing shows a 400% improvement in the amount of solar energy reflected away from your roof when Heatguard heat reflective roof coating is used.
Even though the results may differ from house to house, customers have been reporting back to us that their homes are cooler, and they are not using their air conditioner as much.

Heatguard is water based, safe to use, supplied in a full range of colours and there’s no problem collecting rainwater into your tanks.

Heatguard not only repels solar heat away , thereby keeping your home cooler and more energy efficient, it also lasts years longer than normal roof paints, because destructive ultra violet radiation penetration is minimised.