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Products We Use

Without boring you to death with microns and technical jargon, these are the products we use with a description supplied by the manufacturer.


Regent Paints

Tileguard® Maxi Prime

A new concept water based acrylic co-polymer Primer, incorporating Nano technology, designed to deeply penetrate oxidized cement roof tile surfaces and bind any free powder prior to top coating. Its excellent adhesion makes it particularly effective as a key coat for most rust-free metal roof surfaces.

Tileguard® High Build Sealer

A water based high solids 100% acrylic polymer coating, designed to seal and smooth out aged, pitted concrete cement tiles, prior to top coating.


A water based high gloss, 100% acrylic polymer top coat, designed to beautify most types of roofing surface.

Regent Ultra®

A breakthrough technology high gloss water based acrylic hybrid coating, designed to beautify most roofing surfaces whilst offering maximum dirt pick up resistance and gloss retention.

Tileguard® Heatguard

This heat reflective roof coating not only repels solar heat, it also lasts years longer than normal roof paints!



Colourtile Acrylic Coatings Pty Ltd manufacture Ridgebond, a flexible pointing formula that incorporates an all acrylic binder recommended for new roofs and roof refurbishment applications. Ridgebond was developed by roof tilers for roof tilers. This has ensured Ridgebond is the most user-friendly Flexible Pointing on the market.
The resin chosen for the system is based on a highly UV resistant pure acrylic technology, which has been an industry bench mark for adhesion and colour retention for over 25 years. Its durability and performance have been proven over many harsh Australian seasons. Whilst its cost is premium, it will always remain the choice because of its quality and consistency.

Ridgebond has achieved an ease of trowel application and smooth fine finish whilst still maintaining its adhesion and flexibility. The level of binder (resin) used in this formulation has been chosen to provide excellent through film build for a sound quality finish. The resin has enhanced “wet adhesion” and excellent fast “through dry” properties.
The product has proven itself in the area of dry hold down, especially in high wind areas such as Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Some key features of the Ridgebond unique formulation are:
• Highest quality
• Fast hardness development
• Good water resistance
• Excellent resistance to water whitening (blanching)
• Excellent exterior durability
• Enhanced “wet adhesion” properties
• Solid Hold Down
• Very easy trowel application and fine finish
• Full colour range

The Quality

Ridgebond has been subjected to exhaustive performance trials and rigorous controlled tests all of which unequivocally support the claims of product stability, hold down ability and flexual tolerances.
Ridgebond meets the relevant provisions of AS2050-1995 “Installation of Roof Tiles” and is accredited with a C3 Wind Classification as defined in AS4005-1992 “Wind Loads for Housing”.


WindMaster wind driven ventilation

A wind driven, roof mounted, aluminium ventilator designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home, without the use of electrical energy.

The high quality, roof mounted, aluminium ventilator combines classic design with high tech features for guaranteed long lasting performance.

Edmonds WindMaster is a wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space 

of a home, without the use or electrical energy. Constructed from light-weight aluminium, it comes with a 15 year warranty for long lasting peace of mind and comfort in your home.
Available in an extensive range of 28 colours to suit most roof options.