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The High End Roof Restorations Process for terra-cotta Roof Tiles

  1. First and foremost the roof is inspected thoroughly for damaged and chipped tiles and ridge cappings. These are removed and replaced, sourced locally from a second hand tile yard.
  2. Leaves, dirt and debris are removed from the gutters so that when we get to the pressure cleaning phase of our job, the water can flow directly to the downpipes without blocking them up.
  3. If required, old rusty valley irons are removed and replaced with brand new valley irons. The valley tile cuts are then sealed with a product called stormseal to keep them in place and prevent water and leaves entering the roof cavity. Valley tiles can also be bedded and pointed by request.
  4. All ridge cappings are then lifted and the old mortar is taken away, then we re-bed all the cappings with a sand/cement mix of 3:1 ratio. That ensures that it will stand the test of time and that the flexible pointing compound has a solid substrate to adhere to.
  5. Once the new mortar has set over night, we grind back the edge of the cappings for two reasons
    A) The flexible pointing has a clean and solid substrate to adhere to for longevity.
    B) A neat, seamless finish when it comes time to apply the flexible pointing.
  6. After the new mortar has been applied, the next stage is our 3 step terra-cotta tile cleaning process.
    First we blast away all organic green moss and lichen with our 4000psi pressure cleaner, but then the root of the moss will remain etched into the tile.
    Then we treat the tiles with sodium hypochlorite to kill off the root of the lichen that is etched into the surface.
    Finally once all the lichen growth has been eradicated we pressure clean the roof again leaving you with tiles that are as good as new.
  7. Once the roof has been cleaned and a thorough clean up on ground level has been undertaken, we apply a high quality C4 rated flexible pointing compound to all ridge cappings which includes the ridge overlaps    (collars) and weep holes inserted where required. This is applied to protect the underlying bedding mortar from cracking and falling apart and to bond the ridge capping to the roof tiles. Maximum care and attention to detail with minimal trowel marks so we get a high level finish. It is the quality of our pointing that sets us apart from all other roofers.
  8. All associated waste is taken away and the property left as clean as it was.